Cedar Tree Advisory Service

The Cedar Tree is owned and managed by Tom Kiedrowski who has worked for two decades in a range of private sector and public sector roles specialising in competition, consumer protection and regulation including at LIBA (now Sifma) BT plc, ECTA, Ofcom, Ofwat, and the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS).

The Cedar Tree’s expertise spans the following areas:

  • The design of industry co- and self-regulatory schemes
  • Strategic planning and implementation of sector-specific market reforms
  • Sector-specific expertise and advice in relation to:
    • Competition law and policy advice
    • Consumer protection (including transparency requirements and customer engagement)
    • Designing policies to promote growth and attracting investment
    • Reform of content regulation/convergence issues
    • Institutional design, including new organisations for the first time, organisational transformation of regulatory authorities
    • Organisational transformation of trade associations and professional bodies
    • Wholesale access and interconnection
    • Design and development of institutional and sectoral Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Design of consumer and stakeholder perception research
    • Structural solutions including functional and legal separation of regulated companies
    • Product market reviews and studies
    • Negotiation with national government departments, the European Commission and international organisations with respect to specific policies and regulations
    • Engagement with customer groups and third sector non-governmental organisations

Being part of an extensive network of independent consultancy firms, CTAS is able to draw on a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise according to a client’s requirements. Other consultancies have partnered with the Cedar Tree including:

  • Analysys Mason
  • DT Economics
  • the Boston Consulting Group
  • Communication Chambers
  • EY
  • GOS Consulting
  • Policy Tracker
  • International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS)
  • Webb Henderson
  • WIK-Consult